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Group workshops are run monthly and you may find special offers on groupon. See details of workshop below

Salon offers look under Beauty and Holistid sections

Clinets receive a a gift voucher from Acacia for introducing new Clients

Learners at Academy recieve discounts for returning on new courses and introducing another leaner

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  Group Workshops-

  Group activities and instruction

  for all to learn, even the  

  professionals can benefit.


Regima is a specialised treatment using Enzyme procedure and products instrumental in restoring, reguvenating and preserving skin. Not just peeling but a secret peel and heal product use: thickening and re-elastisizing skin.




All our workshops are group activities which you can attend on your own, or with a partner. The activities mean you actually take part, learn a new skill, update your knowedlege or make your own product. In general they last about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Details below: Aromatherapy; Back Massage; Hand care; Hopi Ear Candles;

                         Facial & Skin Care; Reflexology; Thai Leg and Foot Massage; Makeup

Group Workshops approximately cost £195

               Aromatherapy Workshop

                      Understand the use of oils in the home and for the family

               Introduction to history

                      How to select oils & How to blend oils

                      Applications of oils & Using the oils

               Make a product to take home

              Back Massage Workshop

                     This workshop is is designed as an introduction to massage

                     techniques that you could use at home 

              Introduction to massage movements and their uses

    • Massage & body care products
    • Working in pairs achieve
    • Back  neck  and shoulder massage

    Hand care - Home Manicure

    Understand how to improve the condition of skin nails and hands

    • Tools & Product choices
    • Use of Products
    • Application
    • Manicure Techniques
    • Professional tips
    • Massage       

       Facial and Skin Care Workshop

          This workshop is a lovely pampering session designed to

           encourage  and help people learn how to look after their skins

           in the shortest possible time and get the best results

  •               Professional skin analysis
    • Activity, achieve your home facial
    • Skin preparation and protection 
    • Individual aftercare recommendations

                            Makeup Workshop


                      A workshop designed to update your makeup look

  •                 Basic makeup kit essentials
  •             Preparation of skin for a lasting makeup
  •             Analysis of all skin types  & face shapes
  •             Latest hints and tips
  •             Application of Foundation and skin primers
  •             Fast and fabulous day makeup look
  •             Converting makeup look from ‘day to night’